DSC00701“Only Pizza for me‎ – This is the only pizza my family will eat. We drive from Spring Hill anytime we want pizza. We drive from Spring Hill anytime we want pizza. The cracker style crust lifts them above the rest. The wait staff is always ready to handle a special request.”

” Like NO other!‎ – Best pizza around, and the salads are fantastic too! Top it off with friendly, fast service and reasonable prices and you’ve got the best pizza place around!”

“My husband and I have been looking for great pizza in this area for some time and we finally found it. The crust is thin and crunchy. The toppings are fresh. The only suggestion I have is maybe a little more of the toppings would improve the overall product. The crust is the bomb!!”

“My husband and I eat at NPC often, and recently you were closed so we tried the competition (Pie in the Sky). We will never stray again! NPC is so much better than every other pizza company around Franklin. We love the ranch dressing and the pizza is to die for! Thanks for making such great pizza for pizza lovers like us!!”